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Health Certificates

When it is necessary to travel with your pet to another state or another country there are may factors to consider. Domestic and International travel will require a Health Certificate from your veterinarian. This must be done during and in clinic exam usually 10-30 days prior to travel. We can help you obtain this certificate with one of our veterinarians that are accredited by the USDA. requirements.

Please first review the APHIS USDA website. This is where you will find your requirements from each state and country.

Next, check with your airlines to determine what requirements they have, if any. Airlines may have separate or additional requirements different from those of your destination country, including paperwork. Please note that preparing for travel to some countries can take months.

Your destination country sets requirements for pets entering the country, which can change at any time. All countries require pets to arrive with a health certificate. You must verify the country requirements each time you plan to travel with your pet.

*It is the pet owner's responsibility to make sure their pet has met the requirements of the destination country.

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